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Serial entrepreneur and real estate specialist Chuck Taylor teaches us what we can do to begin breaking barriers.  Key topics that we cover in this episode:

  • Shutting down our minds to be at rest
  • What’s Scaling Up
  • How to stay healthy in business with personal relationship?
  • Mirroring
  • Importance of Breathing
  • Meditation and Shutting Down
  • Controlling Our Emotions
  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Importance of Listening
  • Ferrari’s & F40s
  • Goal Setting?
  • Billionaire Mindset NUGGET*
  • What does it take to silence the mind? *NUGGET

“Entrepreneurialism – A Constant Ongoing Journey”

We’re breaking barriers with Chuck Taylor When he was 12-13 and said he reads 30 minutes everyday.  Has a routine of silence the mind. High energy and two 15 minutes for meditations and helps his mind relax.  

“Silence the Mind.” – 30 Minute Routine *NUGGET

We discuss the amount of have rest and what is needed after or during a 40 hour workweek.  Have to be mindful of our bodies and our minds to shut it down.  

Deep breathing to focus your mind.  Bi-neuro beats to help you optimize your mind.  Meditations are more powerful when he has complete stillness.  Had relocated from Dallas to Austin.  When you have a strong urges to control your mind and slow down and breathe.

Questions that we ask:

  • Should we meditate to music?
  • Where did the idea of entrepreneurialism come from?
  • How do you handle friction in relationships when family/friends don’t have a BIG vision?
  • How to have a healthy business when working with your best friend in business?
  • What results have you experienced when mirroring someone positively/negatively?
  • Should we match tone and speed when mirroring?
  • Staying Genuine When Mirroring *NUGGET
  • What are your top 3 books?
  • What do you do in your gratitude session?
  • What are your universal laws of truth?
  • What are some tips for goal setting?
  • Does your disciplines from fitness have any connection with how you work in business?
  • What do you do for enjoyment?

What’s changed the path is learning that you only get paid for as much as you offer.  Uncle Carl helped him see what is “realistic.”  Had went into jail and then went into oil company and flips cars, houses and anything he touches.

How to juggle with family members when you have a high vision of yourself.  How do you manage friendships while being in business?  Get the team on the same page and with the same vision.  Have to swallow your pride and Recognize the team for their strengths.

“Think outside the box.”

True success is all about balance with family, friends, relationships, spiritualism and more!  Readers are leaders and Chuck reads books a Chuck uses the Weekly Rhythm Register.  Gratitude of saying it out loud and starts with people.  “Life is about love in your business.”  Chuck believes in the universal laws of truth.  Compassion.  Love.  How do you do your goal setting?

“You have to find your own truths.”


  1. 3rd Angle Investments
  2. Bar the the Gatsby
  3. As a Man Thinketh – by James Allen
  4. Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  5. Rich Dad Poor Dad
  6. Emotional Intelligence
  7. Pitch Anything – Oren Klaff
  8. The Art of Power by Thich Nhat Hanh
  9. thecompoundeffect.com/free
  10. Pivotal Tracker
  11. Major Gainz

“You create your own circumstance.”

“Mind is tool to shut down the mind.”

Vision is to be a philanthropist and look as good as he can.  Paddleboarding.  Loves to travel.  What is your dream car?  2014 Black on Black Ferrari F12.  

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