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What is goin’ on!

Thank you so much for connecting and checking out what we’re all about. I say we because there are so many people involved, our team, our family, our friends. I want to thank you for your contribution to the story.

So many people to thank and appreciate. I couldn’t be more grateful!

I guess you want me to begin and tell you a little bit about myself. Well…with your permission, I’d like to go deep. I’d like to be my fully transparent and authentic-genuine self.

No filters. Can I be that guy?

Assuming you said yes let me get comfortable…aight let’s go deep.



Well, to get started I am from a small town in Indiana called Richmond. I spent the majority of my elementary days learning the power of words, writing poetry at age five, and making my aunt cry at special gatherings like weddings. It taught me that words are powerful.

I also got to learn from my school surroundings. what it’s like to be label different, an outcast, and decided to make the transition into popularity.

As I got older I decided I wanted to be accepted, I wanted to be apart of the popular bunch but I didn’t want to conform to do it. I was never into labels like “jock,” “gothic” “prep” or any of that.

I was the guy that if you were cool, I wanted to hangout. And I love people, I still do to this day.

Around my freshman year I really started to get into making music heavy. I worked with my first mentor who had my a hit song for Kenneth “Babyface” Edmond’s brother Kevon Edmonds and I began learning how to make beats, engineer and mix vocals, write catchy hooks.

I wasn’t really any good. I would try and pattern my style off of Nelly, R Kelly and pretty much anyone who was popular at the time. And that’s when I fell in love.


I don’t know what it was about music but I absolutely loved the process. I didn’t care if I made money, I didn’t care about popularity, I just knew I wanted to share it. Definitely, a major lesson learned was to find something that you absolutely love.

I didn’t know if others would even like it but I decided to share it with all of my friends. My first single was called “Bob Ya Head” and I debuted it at a campfire, and unbeknownst to me it was an instant hit. I was off to the races.

I had two wonderful supportive parents for school, financial resources, yet when it came to my music my parents didn’t believe in me. My dad told me when I was young I could be anything I set my mind to and when I told him I would be a musician, he told me I couldn’t do it. I found you can be motivated by pain and anger.

Not the healthiest motivation, but I didn’t know at the time. My senior year for my government P.I.G. project (project-in-government) I persuaded my teacher to let me do a concert for my final. He agreed. All of the famous rappers like Master P, 50 Cent came out that year, etc. were selling drugs for capital to launch their careers. For me, that wasn’t an option so I put on my first concert and had my first hit.


We sold out my first concert of 1,209 people at a 1,200 capacity venue. This was one of the biggest moments in my career, in my life for that matter – yet the downside was the school wouldn’t pay me because it was for class even though they made over $10,000. However, I didn’t care I was riding the emotional high from what just went down.

I decided I would duplicate my success. I went to Ball State University where David Letterman went and began creating my sophomore concert performance. I put in over a year into the concert, we had dancers, a drop down movie screen, and all sorts of goodies and this time, the capacity was 3,500.

On campus, it had not ever been done before that a student was creating an event of this magnitude without a fraternity, sorority or some kind of school organization/club. 45 minutes away from my hometown, we were covered in the school paper, we were on the homepage of www.bsu.edu website, I just knew it was going to be a massive success.

Come the night of the event, I am backstage and I peak to see how many people show up. Planned on a night that nothing was going on on-campus and guess how many tickets we sold?

We sold 333 tickets out of 3,500 tickets. I was utterly destroyed. Bob Myers, the director of Emens Auditorium (where the concert was held) told me seven days straight, leading up to my concert- Diamond In the Ruff -that it would flop and boy was he right. My GPA slipped from a 3.2 to a 2.4. And even though I put in the work, I executed on the PR, I suffered my first major setback.


I couldn’t handle it! I dropped out of college the next week. Embarrassed, defeated and enraged. I moved to Delaware OH and the next chapter of my life began. I believe this is where the seed of depression was planted in my heart.

Fast forward, from 2005 up until 2013 I worked a lot of different companies mastering sales, relationships and psychology, while still making and marketing my own music. 2009 I started my first company that put on events called All Around Entertainment.

2010 I helped a student named Melissa Briscoe get her Associates Degree from University of Phoenix. This is where I discovered my love for helping someone accomplish major goals is an experience like no other.

I’d never forget what that felt like. 2011 I worked for Google and learned the power of a brand, making cold calls to small businesses, and I also learned that even the biggest and best companies have bad ideas.

I worked for over 33 companies reverse engineering the best strategies from all the top performers over the years and what I found was the products and services change, the brands change, the processes change, but the systems for success are the same.

2013-2015 I started to get into personal development and entrepreneurship. I read Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins, Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and I was off on a journey.

In 2015, I started to use all the skills I had learned from my musician days hustlin’ on the street, all of my corporate skills, and everything I learned from the entrepreneur side.

“Cauveé has mentored me within my sales role the past yer. He understands sales in and out, both how to make things work and get results, and he also is great at digging into where I am personally and giving critical coaching related to my personal life fulfillment. Whenever Cauveé says something and I decide to put into practice, it brings great results.” – Alexander Campbell | Sales Consultant at Zillow Group | 2016


2016 – 2018 was the best, the toughest, the most adventurous, the most painful, and the most roller “coasterrific” years of my life. I launched multiple ventures that failed, I was homeless sleeping in my car and on the streets – and yet I started getting more into entrepreneurship at the same time.

I had side hustles like Uber and Lyft, personal home item and grocery delivery plus I started learning how companies are funded. I gave my first college talk, I got published in the Huffington Post, gave my first TEDx talk, became a writer for Influencive and Thrive Global, helped my first Cauveé Creative student make over $100,000 in our first year, I spoke for YMCA at Cal State LA, University of Delaware, and before I knew the Inspiration Engineer® was born.

Ultimately I noticed a gap in the marketplace. Entrepreneurs can raise money for technological ideas and MVPs, but there’s no marketplace for creative entrepreneurs- musicians, poets, artists, writers, etc. to do the same. I found I didn’t fit in the box, I had to create my own lane.

Driven to help other creatives and influencers to do the same, our mission was founded. Told that “personal brands would never be fundable” by a well respected VC from Silicon Valley, I was triggered the exact same way by my father. If you want me to do something, tell me I won’t do it haha 🙂

This time it wasn’t motivation by pain, or anger, or depression, it was motivation by IMPACT. How many phenomenally gifted and creative people are never heard, never seen because they don’t have education or the resources to build a personal brand. I never knew I would evolve into what I am.

So no matter what anyone tells you my friend, know that you were put here for a reason! You have gifts, you have greatness inside of you, you have POWER you have PURPOSE! IF you decide to get the wisdom, the resources and the skills to build your brand, anything is possible.

I love you, appreciate you, I believe in you, and until the next time it’s your boy Cauveé [kaw-vay]