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Apparently, if you are a musician or a band that has yet to be found, get name recognition, or establish a brand, you don’t have value.

That’s what society is saying.

That’s not what I believe at all and if you ask someone to their face they would never own up to that thought.  

I’m pretty much a man about action.  About results and execution.  I don’t choose to listen to your words, I choose to focus in on your actions.  

So think about it, musicians work their asses off busking on the streets, playing shows, touring out of their own pockets, paying for studio time for recording, living in their vans, paying fully out of pocket with the hopes of making it big one day.

With the heart-wrenching desire to express themselves to the world.  Be appreciated and heard by those who can appreciate their art.  

And the sad thing is, majority of artists never “make it.”

The Band You Never Heard Of

I know this group of guys who were absolutely phenomenal.  One of the most talented bands one could ever find.  They had a lead singer who put you in the mind of a John Mayer-esk kind of dude.

A drummer who had a phenomenal business mind when it came to operations.  He was a great drummer and he absolutely loved Kanye West.  So he had some hip-hop influence even though their band was primarily Rock-Pop.

They had a backup singer who had an amazing voice.  His ear was downright out of this world.  Additionally, he was an engineer with this unique energy and charm with the ladies.

I mean, this band had die hard fans.  They had these three girls that would drive up to Austin from San Antonio EVERY TIME they played a show because they loved them that much.

And Marketing101 ladies and gents, if you have charm, personal connection, and an outgoing personality, leverage that.  Why not?

But back to the story, they also had this great bassist who would let his hair down, that true rock n’ roll essence.  An absolutely great soul to be around and awesome bass player as well.

They released 365 songs last year. That’s a song a day people.  And I don’t know if you understand the magnitude of how much content that is.  Not only was it a ridiculous amount of content it was well composed, mixed and engineered.   

I lived with them at the time and got to be apart of the magic.  They were getting traction.  Musicians would come over and feature on the songs because the concept was to be in the flow.

To lose that over-analytical, perfectionist sense, that most of us have when it comes to something we love, but to be in the present, be in the moment and just create and let go of the expectations of complete mastery.

The idea was that there was a masterpiece and a beauty that lies within the presence of the moment.

What a concept right?

And you won’t believe what happened after the 365 song release.

They broke up….

So How Does An Artist Breakthrough?

Which brings me back to this concept of “making it.”

They didn’t break up because of an emotional fallout.  They didn’t break up because of lost love for the craft.  They broke up because they couldn’t figure out how to financially, capitalistically break-through.

Which is a problem that so many artists have!  

I think for every artist it is different.  To some artists, making $50,000 a year on their art would be a win.

For others, maybe it’s six figures. And while other artists want to live the life we all see on TV.  The glamour, the world travel, the stadiums filled at 5,000+ capacity.  The fan raves.

I mean, what a life that would be right?

I don’t give a F&%k whether you’re an artist, a business owner, an entrepreneur, or an investor.  The name of the game is capital.

And if you are a “starving artist” how do you EVER earn that capital by playing on the streets for pennies? Playing shows for $100 for a four hour set.  Or even worse playing for free.

There comes a time, especially if you are just starting out, you’ve got to pay your dues like everyone else.  

Play for free because you don’t yet know your sound.  You don’t know your craft well enough to say what is valuable and what is not.

I love those people however, that is not who I am referring to right now.

I am referring to any artist or entrepreneur who has put in the time, knows their craft and knows their value in the marketplace. They have traction.  Again there’s that magical “T” word.

The fact of the matter is, an entrepreneur’s journey and an artist’s journey is typically the same.

How so?

  1. Build A Brand
  2. Offer Value (normally free for an exchange)
  3. Gain Traction for Brand
  4. Create and Test Products and Pricing
  5. Scale the Brand
  6. Sustain the Brand
  7. Repeat the Process

And if you’re an entrepreneur, it’s the same shit, different toilet.

Why is it that artists are treated as if they don’t value?

Better said, as if we don’t have value.

I wrote about my experience as I transitioned out of “Music World” and into “Entrepreneur World” and what I found is bullshit.  


I don’t mean to go so Gary Vee on you but the fact remains, it’s absolutely despicable and trash when you see the similarities, what I see and now knowing what I know.

Yet I can complain or I can do something about it.

The days are gone when Quality Artists are treated like they are not fit or valuable in the marketplace.

I know too much and I refuse to allow this problem to go on any longer.  

I need for my angel investors, venture capitalists, and thought leaders to open their eyes.  Open their minds to the possibilities.

To the entrepreneurs, stay hungry.  And be very grateful that your world has a system and infrastructure created which allows you to receive capital and thrive.  I gained even more appreciation of your world when I watched Something Ventured, a documentary about how venture-capital started.

A must watch for any investor, entrepreneur, or artist who understands the importance of capital displacement.

And if you are the artist reading this, I know this creates frustration and it hits home.  I ask that you remain dedicated, committed and keep the hunger that you have always had.

It won’t always be like it is.  You won’t always be playing for preposterous pennies giving your soul to the world.   I promise.

I love you for taking the time and the initiative, investing your energy in this publication.  If this hit home for you in anyway, please comment or share this with anyone you believe would find it valuable.

My final thought, I can’t wait to hear from you.  And I know that as a community that is focused on innovation and change, your value is right around the corner.  Don’t EVER let someone tell you that your dreams, your craft, your art, your mind isn’t valuable.  

There is only one you, with your unique DNA, and that’s valuable enough.  I love you!  I appreciate you.  And I can’t wait for the next era or music business/system innovation.

Now go out and crush it!  BOOST!!!

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