The Key Is Leverage | Cauvee

Everyone thinks that when it comes to an exchange it takes money.

When it comes to humans, all humans have the same basic needs. There’s Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which we can look that up as to what that consists of. I’m not going to go into that now because time is short.

The gist is, is that everybody wants the same thing. For us, when we summarize Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs we say one word: fulfillment.

So the question is if everybody wants fulfillment, what exactly does that mean?

Well we believe it’s all about freedom. Freedom to be who you want to be. Freedom to love who you want to love. Freedom to travel when you want to travel. Freedom to experience what you want to experience. Eat what you want to eat. Create what you want to create. Freedom.

With that kind of freedom you would have fufillment. That’s what we believe.

How do you leverage opportunities to get freedom?

You give value.

Do humans like to talk or do we like to speak?

Think about it, humans like to speak. More importantly, whether humans want to acknowledge it or not, humans really like to speak about themselves.  Our most favorite word in the dictionary is our own name.  It’s music to our ears.

It’s not from an arrogance or ego standpoint. Just think about it, what are we most passionate about?

Ourselves, our lives. So if humans like to speak, does it make more sense for us to do more talking when we have a new relationship or ask more questions? #nuggetbomb

So our philosophy is to feed multiple birds with one seed.

How do I do that?

I interview every relationship to really understand that person. This is how I build a phenomenal relationship. This is the foundation for everyone that I speak with. This allows me to understand who they are and what similarities or commonalities that we have. It tells me their story. And we know that in “sales” stories always tell and don’t sell.

This information that they share allows me to figure out immediately how and if we align, and how I can best serve them based on the structure of questions that are asked.

Taking Relationships To A Whole ‘Nother Level

For us, this is what I found to be the biggest #nuggetbomb when it comes to figuring out how to leverage.

I’m going to say it until the day I leave this earth, relationships are the name of the game. The more you get your own intentions, your own desires, your own passions, your own goals, and objectives out of your way the more in the present with another human we can be.

You don’t want to go into it with the notion “How can I get something out of this person?” If that’s your intent, if that’s your philosophy of the moment, you’re going to miss it.

Rules To Relationship Navigation

Here’s the rules to the game.  If you want to play, if you want to win, following these rules and guidelines will help you win more, every time!  

  1. Be genuine.
  2. Be transparent.
  3. Be authentic.

When we are interviewing we’re asking questions and we’re gaining understanding. We are building the relationship.

We already know ourselves, our products and services, better than we know anybody else on the planet. We know what resources we have: whether that’s monetary, spiritually, philosophies, ideas, skills, crafts, connections, or tools. The list goes on. People don’t understand that there is value in all those things.

“Want to be more valuable?  Offer more value to the marketplace

– Jim Rohn”

There is value, with the ability to come in and provide somebody with a service and not charge them. There’s value with making a connection or introduction to somebody who they need in their network. There’s a value to that. How much is that worth? Well depends on the power of that connection.

Fact, me and Gary Vaynerchuk are friends on LinkedIn. I haven’t really built that friendship up yet because that there’s a certain way to go about it but let’s hypothetically say he and I became best buds.

Now let’s pretend I was able to connect someone to him for which that relationship would serve, mutually, both him and that person. If that happens, think about what that could do for that person’s life, career, etc. The monetary value on that could be could be exponential. Simply by a connection.

I just give you an example to understand that the tools and all the resources we just covered are the exact same. They all have a monetary value. There’s more ways to compensate people than just giving them money. Additionally, I want to make sure that you understand this, if you can help people solve problems, then you add value.

Society says that a jack of all trades is a master of none. I say, a jack of all trades can help more people. So with that stated, if you have more skills then you can help more people. By solving people’s problems it will come back to you so we must be efficient and tactical with how we build relationships and how we leverage relationships for opportunities.